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 There are some video clips that might interest the students on the Discovery Channell under Science:  Ten Ways to Meet a Monster: 1. Deathworm, 2. Meet Bigfoot, 3. Meet the Aliens, 4. Meet the Vampires, 5. Squid Encounter, 6. Cryonics, 7. Meet Mothman, 8. Werewolf Transformations, 9. Irish Psycho Otter, and 10. Brain Transplants.  There are quizzes and games available also.  The web address is  The History Channel offers a lot of info on topics such as: 1. Thomas Jefferson, 2. Abe Lincoln, 3. Julius Caesar, 4. Cleopatra, 5. the 13 Colonies, 6. the Great Depression, 7. the States (great info on all), 8. Greek Mythology, 9. Ancient Egypt, and 10. the Titanic.  There are games, quizzes and lots more topics available on this site.  The History Channel also has some awesome video clips on sharks!  The web address is The students will love these!  That's the latest buzzzzzzzzzzzzz                                                                         

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